Despite only 46% of the subway system's surveillance cameras being hooked up to working recording devices, and despite the MTA's surveillance plan leaving out 75% of the city's stations, NYPD detectives say whatever footage the cameras catch is actually pretty useful. They pulled footage over 2,000 times last year, and police say the footage is "instrumental" in catching suspects. You know, as long as they commit crimes in stations that happen to have working cameras.

Cops name a few robbers they were able to nab with the help of surveillance footage, but one man who fatally stabbed two others on the 2 train was notoriously able to evade arrest for a while since he fled the subway at a station with no cameras. MTA spokesman Jeremy Soffin admits the surveillance projects have "languished for far too long," but says another 1,000 cameras should be installed by the end of the year. The News also notes that subway crime is at a low, with an average of six felonies a day. That's just 2,190 a year! Jeez, why is everyone complaining?