With SantaCon 2015: The Neighborhood Complaints Awaken less than 24 hours away, the local authorities are putting out warnings to revelers to keep things classy and festive. "Just an early warning to anybody who wants to come into the city and raise hell dressed up as Santa Claus—we’re not going to tolerate it,” Police Commissioner Bratton said today. "You can be naughty, but you have to be nice and it has to be within the law." Mixed message, chief!

CBS notes that the event, which has gotten the city's blessing to be held in Williamsburg and Greenpoint this year, will be heavily policed. "You want to enjoy it, obey the law. You break the law, and we intend to enforce the law,” Bratton added. "We will not tolerate any violations of the law by any of the participants."

As for those violations, Huffington Post points out the 12 most likely crimes Santas will commit this year, including open containers, public urination, assault, public lewdness, criminal mischief, and "flying a drone."

Just like last year, the MTA and LIRR have banned alcohol on their trains and in stations all weekend. "Alcohol will not be permitted on Long Island Rail Road trains and in stations from 11 p.m. on Friday, December 11 through noon on Sunday, December 13. The Long Island Rail Road’s event-specific ban partially coincides with the LIRR’s usual ban on alcohol between midnight and 5 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights," the MTA announced. "Alcohol will not be permitted on Metro-North Railroad trains and in stations from 5:00 a.m. on Saturday, December 12 through noon on Sunday, December 13." But we suppose this technically means everyone can get wobbly-kneed four sheets to the wind on train rides home around 1 p.m. Sunday!

Although, you probably don't want to be this guy.

Or this guy.

Or any of these people.