Two members of the same extended Colombian family staying in New Jersey were identified by police as victims of a capsized boat Tuesday afternoon.

Julian Vasquez, 7, and Lindelia Vasquez, 47, were trapped under the boat when it flipped. First responders were eventually able to get them out and rush them to the hospital in critical condition, but they didn’t survive.

Members of the family had been staying at a hotel in New Jersey, a police spokesperson said, though it wasn’t clear if all family members were tourists or if some lived in New Jersey, full time.

The boat named “Stimulus Money” had put to sea from a New Jersey port Tuesday and was offshore near Pier 84 at East 46th Street at around 2:45 p.m when it flipped, city officials said. NYPD officials said they were still investigating what caused the boat to capsize.

A NY Waterway ferry arrived at the scene before first responders and crew members helped pull several people to safety on board.

All told, 14 people were injured, most with minor injuries. Two additional people were taken to the hospital in critical condition. One of them was the boat’s 24-year-old captain who was not related to the passengers. Both had improved overnight and were expected to survive, an NYPD spokesperson said.

At a press conference Tuesday, authorities said the family had chartered the boat from a person who was following it nearby on a jet ski at the time of the incident.