2006_04_nypdcam.jpgOoh: A little over three weeks after the Police Commissioner announced that hundreds of surveillance cameras would be installed, all in the name of fighting crime and terrorism, to watch our every move, they are here. Three cameras were installed in Brooklyn along Knickerbocker Avenue last week, and the reaction (well, according to the people the Post spoke to) is positive, with some people eagerly enjoying safety over their privacy. The NYPD's camera project will cost about $9 million for 500 cameras, and the city would like to get federal money to install hundreds more in downtown Manhattan. What's interesting about the cameras to Gothamist is that they are so conspicuous - we suppose that if Big Brother is watching us, then it's nice to know where he's watching us, but if they are trying to do any covert surveillance, the NYPD paint job isn't the way to do it. Twenty bucks says kids dressed in baggy, nondescript clothing have already tried to egg the cameras.

Photograph from the AP