The NYPD is rolling out new electric scooters for the Transit Bureau. Some of you may have already seen some transit cops on the T3 elective standup vehicle—the Daily News reports that the transit bureau now has four of the scooters "at major underground subway complexes.... Previously [the scooters have only been] used primarily to patrol parks, boardwalks and stadiums." Why bring them to subway stations? Well, cops will be perched higher than the crowds—not quite a 10-foot cop, but maybe a 7-foot-cop?

One passerby who saw the cops at Times Square said, "It's a step into the 22nd century," while tour guide Hans Von Rittern took pictures for his Facebook page, telling the News, "Tourists love to see that type of thing." On Facebook, Von Rittern wrote, "Photo of the day: NEW YORK SUBWAYS HAVE GONE "MALL COP" ! I saw these at the Times Square subway station at 4:30 pm today ! No...that is not 'Paul Blart'/Kevin James from the 2009 movie comedy! Two real NYC cops on the beat. They told me there are about 8 of these in the subways now and they are able to make a 90-degree turn with their wheels. They are stored in the TS subway station police headquarters. The New York Daily News was there covering their debut...I ~may~ be quoted in the papers tomorrow :)" Aww!

Cops have also been known to use Segways.