Yesterday morning, police arrested Moises Martinez, 52, for allegedly killing his 29-year-old girlfriend, Yajaira Reyes, after finding the woman's unconscious body in a garbage can. Now it turns out the police became suspicious of Martinez, a livery cab driver, when they saw his poor parking job outside his Bronx apartment building.

According to the Post, "A pair of cops spotted him parking with two wheels up on the sidewalk as he allegedly attempted to move her body from his apartment to his livery car. The officers, suspicious over how he had parked outside 1356 Walton Ave., approached him at about 5:40 a.m., law-enforcement sources said. The cops at first told Martinez — whose trunk was open at the time — to move his car. But after noticing how nervous he seemed, they watched as he circled around the block and again parked illegally, sources said."

The cops followed him into the building and to his apartment and started asking him questions. When Martinez mentioned his girlfriend, the Post reports that cops asked to speak to her—to which Martinez replied, "You can’t, I strangled her." Then the police found Reyes's body wrapped in a blanket, stuffed head-first into a garbage can.

Martinez reportedly claimed that Reyes, who joined the NYPD as a traffic agent last year, was having an affair, and a neighbor told the Daily News, "They’re fighting and arguing all the time." The News and NBC New York report that Reyes and Martinez had several children together but WCBS 2 reports, "Other neighbors told D’Auria the suspect has a wife and four children, who are currently in Florida."

The New York State Federation Of Taxi Drivers's Fernando Mateo added, "Moises is known as a very hardworking man. Co-workers think the age difference between him and his girlfriend put a strain on the relationship."

Martinez was charged with murder and manslaughter.