Another day, another NYPD employee arrested for allegedly doing bad things. Friday started with the arrest of a gun stealing and selling East Village cop, and it appears to have ended with the arrest of an alleged drug-dealing traffic cop on Staten Island.

Lauren Homsi, 30, was arrested on Friday night on Staten Island and charged with criminal sale of a controlled substance and grand larceny, according to the NYPD. Apparently the police had been watching her quite a bit this week.

According to reports, on July 3 and July 10 undercover agents purchased 15 and then 30 oxycodone pills from Homsi while building their case. Then, the Staten Island Advance reports, on Friday morning they made a move and tried to buy 200 pills from her worth $4,500.

The detective handed her the money, and she said, "I'm going to meet the guy right around here and I will text you on the way back," court papers allege.

Except she never came back, police said.

"I did not have that many pills. I could not get a hold of that many pills. I had no intention of giving her the money," Ms. Homsi later told police, according to court documents.

She was arrested later that night, reportedly made bail yesterday and is due back in court on Wednesday. The NYPD would not confirm Homsi's current work status, only that she was arrested.