That juicy story about two cops inadvertently recording themselves getting it on in a patrol car may have been a hoax, according to the NYPD.

On Thursday, Chief of Department Terence Monahan announced that an internal investigation had found "zero actual evidence" of police body camera footage showing a female police officer performing oral sex on her male sergeant while on duty in Brooklyn's 75th Precinct. Both the Post and the Daily News had multiple sources detailing the steamy encounter, audio of which was believed to have been preserved on a body-worn camera that the sergeant turned on while removing his subordinate's shirt.

But a police investigation into the scuttlebutt has concluded that it was us who have blown it, after all.

"The press and the police are held to high standards, as they should be," said Monahan. "I'd ask people who are trusted to report the news to take a moment before submitting that story to make sure it is completely and totally vetted. I understand the rush to be first is something that comes with your job, and it can't come at the expense of facts."

The department chief then turned to members of the NYPD, lamenting "that rumor mill that goes through the Brooklyn borough and the precincts" and eventually ends up in the tabloids. "When you spread rumors it has consequences. We don't want spreading of gossip or misinformation and definitely we don't want to be doing it at someone else's expense," he added.

The body cameras are currently worn by about 21,000 of the department's 30,000 officers. In December, a detective in Brooklyn was suspended for using another cop's camera to capture a 30-second video of his testicles.

We’ve asked a spokesperson for the NYPD to confirm that the investigation into the alleged body cam incident has concluded, and will update if we hear back.