Police in the 76th Precinct, which covers Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill, are frustrated with residents who are just leaving their valuables out in the open for thieves to steal. At a community council meeting last night, Captain Jeffrey Schiff announced that cops are taking pictures of cars that have iPads, iPhones or packages in the front seat and then letting the owners know they are, well, stupid.

According to the Post, cops will "try to find its owner — and if not, they will snap a picture from the sidewalk. Using the car's license place to track down the owner's address, the precinct then sends the owner a flyer that says 'if we spot it, so can thieves' — and the picture taken by the cops."

There were 541 unattended property thefts in the precinct last year (there were 510 in 2011). Schiff said, "We're trying to think outside the box. The whole idea is to prevent the crime from happening in the first place." He added that cops are also making sure doors are locked in the neighborhood and if they aren't, they'll mail the residents, "We want to notify the tenants that this is what we found and if we found it, once again, so can the thieves."