The NYPD has gotten back to us on that video supposedly showing an undercover NYPD detective threatening a videographer with prison rape after a raid at the artsy DIY party club Surreal Estate in Bushwick. Cheryl Crispin at the Office of the Deputy Commissioner tells us, "The individual making the statements that you are referring to is not an NYPD officer." So who was he?

According to the NYPD, just some random drunk slob. We asked Crispin if he was associated with any other law enforcement agency, and she told us, "From what I heard from other officers at the raid, he was kicked out of that party and was issued some kind of traffic summons. He was just drunk and acting like a cop." Indeed, it was a convincing performance, what with all the rape threats and the stupid insults.

Since he's not NYPD, if we had to guess we'd go with meathead cop from Long Island who happened to be driving by the party after getting a ticket. At the very end of the video, around the 6:46 mark, one uniformed officer (jokingly?) says he's "one of our undercover officers." And the tie-dye guy seems to be asking the cop for a favor regarding the summons in his hand. He can be heard saying, "He gave me another ticket." The uniformed officer replies, "For seatbelt? I'll talk to him." And before walking away, Mr. Tie-Dye says something that sounds like, "If this is gonna go to court your going to come and save me, right?" Or something. It definitely sounds like buddy-buddy cop talk.

And Vladimir Teichberg, who shot the video for Glass Bead Collective, isn't convinced either. He tells us, "We have the following evidence that he is indeed a cop (or at least someone who was working on that raid with the NYPD):

  1. He was at the door to the space being raided together with the officer in uniform. We have the officer in uniform introducing him as one of our undercover officers as they are flirting with girls leaving the event.
  2. The tie-die shirt guy says he is a detective and threatens to arrest me, take me downtown etc in front of the uniformed officer at the door to Surreal Estate
  3. The tickets in question, are multiple tickets are look like ticket reciepts - i.e. the part of the ticket police keep for their records, and there are multiple ones.
  4. Both the uniformed cop and the tie die guy leave together when the commanding officer comes out of the building.

Crispin, the NYPD spokesperson, tells us there were 9 arrests at the raid and the charges consist of: Assault, Obstructing Governmental Administration, Unlicensed Bottle Club, Selling Alcohol without a License, Unlicensed Warehouse Liquor Storage, and Disorderly Conduct.