The terror email, as reported by Gawker (where you can read it in full), that's been circulating to a number of people, telling them that the NYPD has ordered an extra 2,000-3,000 body bags in anticipation of a terror attack, most likely in the subways, on the national day of mourning for President Ronald Reagan, has been dismissed by the NYPD. Yes, dismissed, even though it had a CNN email address attached to it. The NYPD says that they have "received no credible threat information concerning a widely circulated E-mail message that discusses a purported subway attack." The police believe the email was part of a virus that infilitrated the sender's various books. They are investigating the email's origins.

When Gothamist read about the terror email from Gawker, our first reaction was, "Hey! We didn't get this email firsthand - does no one care about us? Man, do we need to make new friends? Again?" And our second reaction was, "Wait - most people are going to be getting Friday off? Why didn't we get the memo?" As it turns out, the state government is giving its nonessential workers the day off with pay, while essential workers will get that day comped later on. NYC government and schools will remain open. Governor Pataki's reasoning is "so that we in New York can respectfully remember President Reagan and what his presidency meant for our state.'' Tell it to our boss, George!