A 43-year-old man lost consciousness after being punched outside a Shake Shack location in Brooklyn on Thursday night. A witness said that after he was struck, someone "ran up and crouched down and posed for a photo next to the guy that was passed out and then the rest of the group just kind of ran off and scattered."

Police believe the selfie-taker may have been the suspect himself.

The incident occurred outside the popular Shack Shack in DUMBO at Old Fulton Street and Water Street, across from Brooklyn Bridge Park, around 9:10 p.m. The Daily News reports, "The unidentified victim had stopped to tie up a pair of dogs before heading into the restaurant when the teens threw two cups of water and a milkshake on him, according to a witness."

The witness said, "He started walking to the kids. They were mocking him, distracting him. One of the boys hung back. He took his jacket off, wound up and hit him."

The NYPD says the victim was struck outside the restaurant and lost consciousness—for reportedly 45 minutes. He also suffered pain and swelling to his face and was hospitalized.

The victim spoke to WABC 7 and said, "There's not enough security in the area; this is a major tourist attraction and there should be more security."

The NYPD recently asked for the public's help for a "knock out game" style attack on a woman in the Lower East Side last month. That victim said she had passed a group and overheard one of them say, "I’m gonna do it, yo. I’m gonna do it, yo." Then, suddenly, she was struck so hard it was like a "somebody hit me with a two-by-four. I saw stars."