A man was shot with a Taser by police in Flatbush yesterday after he threatened a shopkeeper and responding officers with a shard of glass.

The Daily News obtained video of the incident, in which the 19-year-old is surrounded by police on Flatbush Avenue and subdued with a Taser shot.

Police told the paper that the man was classified as an "Emotionally Disturbed Person" (EDP) and taken to Kings County Hospital, though he was not arrested.

The NYPD respond to roughly 100,000 EDP calls every year, and they routinely result in injuries or death. A bipolar man took a fatal plunge after being shot with a Taser in 2008.

In 2012, police shot and killed an emotionally disturbed man who was brandishing a knife in Times Square. That same year Mohamed Bah was fatally shot with a Taser, rubber bullets, and live ammunition after he barricaded himself in his Harlem apartment. Police initially said Bah had stabbed one of the responding officers with a knife, but in fact that officer had been hit with a colleague's Taser shot.

Bah's family is currently suing the city for $70 million and to force the NYPD to change its procedures when responding to EDP calls.

Earlier this summer, Mayor de Blasio convened a Task Force on Behavioral Health to examine the NYPD's policies, and determine how to better serve the 40% of inmates at Rikers who suffer from mental illness. The task force is expected to release its findings and recommendations later this month.