The NYPD transit officer who filed a complaint against his superior for unwanted sexual advances has been sued by his boss for slander. Deputy Inspector Thomas Connolly's lawyer tells the Daily News that there are "no merits" to Sergeant Nelson Fernandez's claims that Connolly suggestive sucked his pen, called him "sexy," and inappropriately rubbed his arms on duty. "Fernandez knows it's going to be investigated and he knows that a superior officer, in the midst of that complaint, is going to have to put his career on hold," Connolly's attorney continued. It's not just his career: Thigh Massage Mondays have been in limbo at Transit District No. 4 since June!

Connolly's suit against Fernandez is for $3 million, but Fernandez's lawyer claims that it's just "more fodder for me." The pen incident in question allegedly occured when Connolly called his subordinate into his office and scolded him for not being at his post in the Delancey/Essex Street station when an iPod was stolen. Fernandez no longer works in the Lower East Side after being transferred to the World Trade Center Command, and his complaints are still under investigation, at least until the person in charge of the probe finishes the Twilight series.