In today's news of the duh, police have acknowledged that there is another big downside to having more subway stations in which you can use your cellphone: More crime! See, "more signal in subway stations and platforms is leading to more robberies," a commanding officer of Downtown Brooklyn’s 84th Precinct told the Post. Who would ever have thought that more people having their expensive pocket computers out in public view would lead to an increase in them being stolen?

Seriously though, as we've talked about quite a bit lately, subway grand larceny has been on the rise, having bounced nearly 22 percent this year. Not that the NYPD is lying on its laurels. For the past month they've been adding extra subway patrols on weekends as part of Operation Total Impact.

Anyway, here's where we put the usual boilerplate about common sense on the subway: Hold onto your valuables, especially when near subway car doors and platform stairs.