2006_03_mmadnessbust.jpgEverybody is getting screwed this year during March Madness! If you thought your brackets getting screwed left and right was bad, how bad would it suck to be one of the people busted Saturday by the NYPD at the height of gambling season. The NYPD raided a $45 million gambling ring with several locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens according to Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes. The raids led to the arrests of 10 people and the seizure of $300,000. The DA said a location in Chinatown was responsible for $14 million a year alone. The gambling ring was allegedly run by a Fukenese gang as a front for the Gambino crime family. Is it not time for the Chinese to step it up and run their own gambling rings? One of the Chinese men scoffed at the classification that they were Fukenese, insisting that he was Cantonese.

During the press conference, OTB representatives said that sports betting should be legalized like horse gambling has. While OTB has certainly brought money in for schools, Gothamist isn't sure we would ever like to take a step into our local OTB. It's a little too sad looking for us.

Out in Staten Island, there's an even bigger prize to be won at Jody's Club Forest. The bar has been running an NCAA Tournament pool since 1977 that costs $10 to enter. This year, $1.5 million is at stake as 150,000 entries were received. Entrants pick one "line", which includes the final four teams, the winner, and the score of the final game. The Staten Island Advance reports that it's rare that one person wins all the money, but it's usually split towards the end. Despite all the upsets so far in the tournament, 10,000 people still have a chance according to Fox 5. The big shock of the pool is that it's all legal - with the bar not taking a percentage of the bets. Gothamist hears that it's "customary" to tip the bar though.

Ass-shot of NYPD breaking down door from CBS2