About 200 bike punks who were prepared to ride their mutant art bikes around at Bike Kill, jousting in their strange costumes and getting energy from the party atmosphere, were shut down by the NYPD this afternoon.

The annual late fall bike carnival is in its 14th year, and is no stranger to getting rousted by police when the sun goes down. But this year's bike punks reported the NYPD showing up to the event, which was held on private property near Evergreen Cemetery, before it was even 4 p.m.

Entrance to Bike Kill right now shut down by NYPD.

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They locked it down #bikekill

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"There were a lot of people gathering when we got here, but the cops were already standing here," Samantha Eaton, a 25-year-old who lives in Bushwick and works for a cycling advocacy organization told Gothamist. Eaton said she showed up close to 3:30 p.m.

"As we've been sitting here [the cops] have been the ones making a ruckus, when we just want to ride bikes."

One reporter from Gothamist overheard an NYPD officer telling cyclists that "the paperwork wasn't done properly this year" and that the event lacked a proper sound permit. Another told a reporter that next year's event could happen with proper permits and private security.

One officer, identified as Chief Jeffrey Maddrey, was overheard telling a cyclist "you can't just have a few hundred or a thousand people like this, the people who live nearby might get worried."

Additional reporting by Scott Heins, Chris Robbins and John del Signore