An NYPD sergeant has been indicted and arraigned for allegedly splattering a female coworker with semen Long Island divorcee Michael Iscenko, 54, has been charged with third-degree sexual abuse for allegedly throwing semen at the woman near a freight elevator at 1 Police Plaza on Jan 23rd.

The NYPD tested the substance that was splattered on her and determined it was, indeed, semen. The Manhattan DA's office previously obtained a warrant ordering Iscenko to provide a DNA sample so they could determine if the substance is a match. The results of that test have not been released yet.

The Post says that Assistant District Attorney Emily Ching recommended that Iscenko plead guilty to the charge and complete four years of group therapy at the Mustard Seed Program.

The victim is an unnamed civilian administrative aide who worked with the sergeant in the Organized Crime Control Bureau. Iscenko told a coworker he had a crush on the woman, and a source told the News: "He was apparently so enamored by her that he threw semen on her."

According to court papers, investigators found the victim’s shoe and clothing among Iscenko’s possessions.

It's unclear exactly how Iscenko deployed the sperm at the woman, which was reportedly splashed on her leg and shoe. But don't be shocked to see a similar storyline popup in the inevitable Ted sequel.