A Staten Island mother has enlisted the NYPD in a hunt for someone she believes sent two boxes of condoms to her 8-year-old daughter.

Christine Angelides, 38, says she received the Durex boxes—sent to her house via Amazon—on Tuesday, addressed to daughter Gianna. Initially, Angelides thought the package was sent mistakenly, but when she contacted Amazon she was told there was no error on their part. Furthermore, the company said they could not release any information as to the identity of the sender, since it would violate their customer privacy policy.

Angelides, who lives near Midland Beach with Gianna and boyfriend Ronnie Panzica, is understandably concerned about why someone would send prophylactics to a young girl. "I’m very concerned if someone is watching her," she told CBS News. "Does an 8-year-old child know what condoms are? Absolutely not… But the person who sent it knows the nature of what it’s used for."

Initially, cops closed the case; now, though, the NYPD says they'll get a subpoena for Amazon's customer records. "There was no explanation," Angelides said. "Until I get answers, I don’t know what to make of it."