In May 2011, two NYPD school safety agents found a razor in a backpack belonging to a student at the George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education HS. So they decided the best thing to do would be to perform a strip-search while the dean of the school, Leslie Johnson, looked on. If forcing a student to strip naked for a search seems excessive and insane, that's because it is—the NYC DEO explicitly prohibits forcing students to take off their clothes for the purposes of a search or anything else, for that matter. And now, two years later, Johnson is being punished.

According to a report from The Office of the Special Commissioner of Investigation obtained by the Post, one guard "ordered the girl to unfasten her bra and pants and then ran her gloved hands up and down" the girl’s “waist, crotch area and legs. When the physical examination was over, one of the SSAs instructed Student A to pull down her panties... the SSA pulled and dropped it to Student A’s ankles."

Dean Johnson was in the room but did not stop the strip-search, according to the investigation, which resulted in a $2,000 fine. Johnson was also demoted and reassigned to substitute teaching.