Oh, boy, this one is a doozy: Two police officers were arrested on charges of sexually abusing a woman during a Brooklyn traffic stop early Sunday morning. The two officers, Charles McGeehan and Fernand Clerge, stopped the woman at Irving and Myrtle Avenues, apparently for not wearing a seat belt, at 3AM. Then, the police took her Bushwick home (to see her home safely?) and allegedly abused her there, with the woman reporting the incident at 5AM. The Post says that there were other people in the apartment at the time, though it's unclear if they saw anything; it's also unclear whether or not the officers were invited to her home and whether or not the sex was consensual. At any rate, the two officers were charged wtih "attempted criminal sex act in the first degree; first-degree attempted sex abuse; third-degree sex abuse and official misconduct." Crazy. We wonder if Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is doing about this!