NYPD Reportedly Seized Over 1,000 Bags Of K2 From Brooklyn Apartment

Some of the 1,068 packages of K2 recovered Thursday by the NYPD
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Some of the 1,068 packages of K2 recovered Thursday by the NYPD DCPI

More than 1,000 packages of K2 were reportedly recovered from a Brooklyn apartment on Thursday morning, following a promised NYPD crackdown after a particularly bad batch of the synthetic drug caused mass overdoses in the area of Myrtle Avenue and Broadway earlier this month.

CBS News is reporting that four people were arrested after police recovered the stash at 1769 Park Place in Brownsville. The K2 was found in branded packages, with names like Cotton Ball, Incredible Hulk, AK 47 and Smacked—all of which have been associated with the previous overdoses, the outlet reports.

A wrapper spotted on the ground near Myrtle Avenue and Broadway on May 20th (Gothamist)

ABC 7 has confirmed the report, and notes that there were 84 K2 emergency department visits between May 19 and May 21. That's the most in a three-day period since July of 2016, when another mass overdose occurred in the same area.

"K2 is a dangerous, deadly drug, but this strain is especially threatening," NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan said following the most recent overdose outbreak. "All residents who live near these five locations are warned about exceedingly dangerous K2 batches in circulation and advised to avoid usage."

A police spokesperson would not confirm details of the reported seizure to Gothamist. The NYPD is holding a press conference regarding the K2 seizure at 3 p.m.—we'll update as more information becomes available.

UPDATE: NYPD officials confirmed on Thursday that they'd seized over 1,000 packets of K2, as well as a cocaine, a handgun, and drug paraphernalia from an apartment in Brownsville. According to NYPD Chief of Patrol Rodney Harrison, four arrests were made "as part of a major investigation into a spate of overdoses in the area."

UPDATE 2: The NYPD has released the names of the four people charged in connection with this morning's drug bust. They are Carlos Alvarez, 40; Pablo Morales, 29; Jessica Rodriguez, 30; and Jamie Harrison, 19. They face charges of criminal possession of a controlled substance, criminal use of drug paraphernalia, and unlawful manufacture, distribution or sale of a synthetic cannabinoid.

In addition to 1,068 packages of K2, authorities recovered three ziplock bags of cocaine, seven 9mm cartridges, 31 tablets of Clonazepam and assorted packaging paraphernalia.

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