Surveillance video of two men believed to be involved in the killing of a Pace University student was released last night. Max Moreno was shot in his Financial District apartment building last month, during what police believe may have been a drug deal gone wrong or a set-up robbery. A witness said that Moreno, described as a "small-time pot dealer," allegedly refused to give any money to two armed men, one of whom pulled a trigger.

DNAinfo reports, "Police described the first suspect as a Hispanic man in his 20s who is 5-foot-10, between 160-190 lbs with blotchy pigmentation on one side of his face. In a security surveillance photo, he was wearing a black Chicago White Sox baseball cap, black shirt, and black jeans. The second suspect is also described as a 20-something Hispanic male, described as 5-9, 170-180 lbs, and was also wearing a black Chicago White Sox baseball cap. He however had a white long-sleeve shirt, and blue jeans."

The NYPD urges people to contact CrimeStoppers with information.