2006_07_razor.jpgThe police played a 911 call made during Monday's Brooklyn barbecue shooting. The NYPD claimed that housing cop Jason Jeremiah was hit on the head with a Razor scooter, causing him to shoot the attacker and the call seemed to support that: "One guy is down because he beat the cop in the back with a bike, with a scooter, and the cop shot him...He took one of the kid's scooters and he beat the cop across the back." Officer Jeremiah shot Robert Ramirez in the chest, and Ramirez is still at Brookdale Hospital. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said that scooters have been used in other recent attacks and that it can be a "fairly lethal weapon, particularly if you start swinging it."

However, other people present say that Ramirez did not swing a scooter. Ramirez seemed to have been trying to defend his stepfather, Jose Morales, who the two housing cops were trying to restrain; witnesses said the cops were roughin him up. Commissioner Kelly did confirm that the police hit Morales' hands with a baton (Morales was resisting being handcuffing by holding on to a fence), but the Brooklyn DA's office is investigating to find out what happened. According to the NY Times, City Councilman Charles Barron visited Ramirez's family at the hospital and said the police force was excessive.

Ramirez's father, Robert Ramirez Sr., said, "The gun was not necessary. My son Robert is a good boy. How much violence could a skateboard do to you - if he did come with it. But I know he did not." The Post reported that the family was expected to post bail for Morales, who has been in jail since Monday for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.