2006_02_charger.jpgCome this summer, you may see a new NYPD car - the Dodge Charger, best known as the Dukes of Hazzard car. The NYPD is adding fifteen 4-door Chargers for its Highway Unit - they must really love the Hemi - and ten will be tested this summer. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, "We're always looking for good equipment, including a little muscle in the car department," which almost sounds dirty. Of course, the NYPD's cars will have "fortified front seats, no rear-door handles and heftier brakes" according to the Daily News. Gothamist just hopes "Dixie" won't play on the siren.

Most of the NYPD's patrol cars are Crown Vics and Chevy Impalas. And a couple weeks ago, there was a great New Yorker article about car chases in LA - and why they tend to be television events. Since the article isn't online, here's a Q&A between the article's writer Tad Friend and fellow NYer writer Ben Greenman.