Emily Dearden, the NYPD psychologist who allegedly tried to kill her husband with an antique derringer so she could run off with her lover last year, has been charged with attempted murder, according to police.

Authorities say that Dearden, 46, tried to shoot husband Kenneth Dearden Jr. in the neck while he slept on November 14th, 2013, presumably in order to get rid of him without going through a divorce. Dearden was dating a man from Texas at the time of the shooting, and he was allegedly trying to get her to leave her husband.

Kenneth Dearden, a Yonkers developer, survived the shooting, and filed a lawsuit against her recently. This morning, Dearden reportedly turned herself into police in Yonkers, and has been charged with second-degree attempted murder.

A judge set Dearden's bail at $150,000 and issued an order of protection blocking Dearden from seeing her husband and their two young daughters. Strangely, although Dearden filed for divorce from Kenneth Dearden over the summer, her attorney told the Post that the couple still live together. "This horrible incident happened a year ago and since then Mr. (Kenneth) Dearden and Dr. Dearden and their two children have been living as a family," he told the tabloid.

Dearden has been reassigned at the NYPD, where she would previously screen new recruits. She is expected back in court on December 22nd.