Remember when the NYPD promised to "break china" as it entered a new era of Not Approaching Social Media Like A Dad In A Heavy Metal Video? Well JK cybernerds: the police department is investigating at least six female officers for posting selfies in civvies next to selfies in uniform.

An NYPD spokesman tells the Daily News why the women of the now-deleted "blueline_beauties" Instagram account (and their male counterparts on "blueline_beefcakes") may be in "hot water": “Members of the Police Department are prohibited from posting photographs of themselves in uniform without the prior authorization. This does not include photographs taken during official department ceremonies.”

So diabolical German artists and topless fans and fanny pack'd strangers can all have the cops pose for photos, but the officers we trust with a loaded firearm can't wear their uniforms in photos they share themselves?

The NYPD constantly uses these officers' images to make propaganda. Have all these photos been given "prior authorization" by DCPI before they're tweeted?

For once, we agree with the PBA's Pat Lynch: "Social media is an acceptable method of communication among individuals today. We see nothing inappropriate about being depicted in uniform or in attire that is generally accepted by society as appropriate on social media.”

Free the Selfie Six.