NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton told reporters last week that as violent crime continues to incrementally fall, his department will maintain a "continued emphasis on quality-of-life enforcement." Bratton is now blending Broken Windows with the sort of hands-on "community policing" that the mayor and other advocates called for the new administration to implement. Police will now call you back to ensure that your 311 complaint was properly addressed.

The Daily News obtained an NYPD memo stating that the precincts will track all the 311 complaints forwarded to them from the 311 system, and will return their call within a single business day. "Chronic complaints," which is defined as five calls on the same issue in four weeks, will trigger an in-person visit from a precinct commander.

This is no small promise. Last month, 47,749 311 calls were forwarded to the NYPD; that's roughly 1,500 telephone calls a day. More than 20,000 of them concerned residential noise complaints, which Bratton said represents a large portion of the department's quality-of-life efforts.

"The bulk of what we're dealing with is responding to citizens asking, help me sleep through the night, the next-door neighbor's throwing a wild party, I have to get up to go to work, my kids have to get up to go to school," Bratton said, adding that sometimes these parties turn violent.

"Unfortunately some of the poorer neighborhoods in the city have more than their fair share of these types of activities."

If you have an NYPD officer return your 311 call, tell us about it.