The NYPD says it will begin enforcing a 25 mph speed limit today in two new slow zones, on Broadway between West 59th and West 220th streets in Manhattan and in the Bronx on Southern Boulevard between Bruckner Boulevard and East Fordham Road.

Both zones have been targeted due to their high number of traffic fatalities and injuries. The eight mile stretch of Broadway has seen four traffic deaths in the area around West 95th and West 96th streets. DNAinfo reports that at least 22 pedestrians were killed on Broadway between 2008 and 2014.

71 pedestrians have been struck and killed in NYC so far this year according to the NYPD, which is reportedly a 20 percent drop from 2013. A pedestrian hit at 30 mph has a one in five chance of being killed, but a collision at 25 mph decreases the pedestrian's odds of death to one in 10. And at 25 mph, a motorist's stopping distance is improved by 45 feet.

In June, the state legislature passed a bill that would lower NYC's default speed limit to 25 mph on most roads. And yesterday, during a dedication ceremony for a particularly fatal stretch of Delancey Street, we learned that parts of the Bowery and the entirety of Sixth Avenue will be designated as arterial slow zones in the near future. Delancey Street is not yet on that list.

Meanwhile, the NYPD's promise to enforce speed limits doesn't mean it's taking its eye off cyclists.