The NYPD released the 2009 "New York City Police Department Annual Firearms Discharge Report," and what it contains may thoroughly surprise you: despite all the lawsuits, police-involved shootings hit a record low last year. City police were involved in 105 shooting incidents during which 130 officers fired a total of 296 bullets, about 19% fewer than the previous year. Strangely, only 68 of those officers intentionally fired their weapons, which would leave one to the conclusion that 62 officers didn't shoot on purpose?

It was also the first year since 1971, when they started keeping detailed shooting statistics, that no officer was shot by a suspect. NYPD officers shot and killed 12 suspects in 2009, and wounded an additional 20, which is about average according to the Journal. Retired deputy inspector John Cerar is "amazed" at the numbers, but thinks that the the high profile shooting "anomalies" of Amadou Diallo and Sean Bell have helped curb unnecessary shootings: "Training happens through the newspapers sometimes. I hate to admit that but indicting officers definitely tells a story." Of course, maybe all these too-good-to-be-true numbers are also possible because some shootings have been creatively and eloquently renamed.