The violent Crown Heights shooting left two people dead—Eusi Johnson, who was allegedly killed by Leroy Webster, and Denise Gay, a neighbor sitting on her stoop. Webster's gunfire attracted police, who fired 73 times at him, hitting him twice. Initially police believed that one of Webster's shots killed Gay, but now ballistics tests reveal that the bullets do not match Webster's 9mm and they are more similar to bullets from a Glock—which is what the police use.

When asked what kind of bullet killed Gay, NYPD spokesman Paul Brown told reporters, "Was it one of the officers’ Glocks? Possibly. Was it from the gun witnesses said Mr. Johnson had, but has not been recovered? Possibly."

The NY Times reports, "The ballistics tests determined that the bullet that killed Ms. Gay, from a 9-millimeter gun, had markings consistent with those made by seven manufacturers’ guns, including Glock. It was doubtful whether the source of the shot that killed Ms. Gay would definitively be determined, even by comparing the slug to those from the Glocks fired by two officers, the police said, because of the generic markings the lead slug picked up as it passed through the gun’s barrel. Also, the round retrieved from Ms. Gay’s body was deformed." Two police officers were wounded in the exchange.

Browne said, "They'll never be able to determine a specific weapon. They can only exclude Webster's gun." He also said, "Independent witnesses also reported Eusi Johnson had fired a gun during the confrontation with Webster, although no weapon associated with Johnson was recovered." The NYPD also revealed that eight officers fired their weapons and two police officers fired 15 rounds.

However, Gay's daughter is furious. Tashmaya Gay told the Daily News, "I want to see the cop who shot my mom tried for murder. He needs to stand in judgment. He took my mom away." She added that her mother pushed her and other relatives out of the way of gunfire.