Those protesting corporate greed on Wall Street today should be careful about what they say to their comrades: the NYPD placed at least one undercover officer in a demonstration supporting Park 51 held on September 11, 2010. The Daily News learned of "UC 242's" participation in the rally during a discussion that Manhattan prosecutors had in court about a conflict of interest posed in the "synagogue terrorists" trial. UC 242 received a summons for not showing NYPD his badge, which he did "to maintain his cover…to build solidarity with protestors," a lawyer for the defense team says.

That rally was largely peaceful, save for someone on the Anti-Terror-Victory-Mosque-SHARIA-not-racist team, who tore up and burned a copy of the Koran. Hopefully the NYPD is an equal-opportunity spying organization and has a mole writing for Atlas Shrugs.

Those of you who aren't too worried about the impact that undercover officers have on free speech should watch Better This World, a documentary detailing how the actions of an FBI informant entrapped two young, left-leaning protestors into manufacturing molotov cocktails at the 2008 GOP convention.