Two men led cops on a chase from Morningside Heights to Harlem after officers say they saw someone toss a gun from the duo's van. Officers say they tried to pull the van over near Broadway and W. 110th Street before 6 p.m., but the 31-year-old driver, a Harlem resident, sped off.

The driver allegedly hit a driver's-training car near St. Nicolas Avenue and 150th Street, and the two ditched the van and continued their flight on foot, cops said. They didn't get far. Cops have charged the driver with reckless endangerment, weapon possession, evidence tampering, fleeing officers, resisting arrest, and aggravated driving without a license. The passenger, a 21-year-old man from Washington Heights, faces weapons possession, tampering, resisting, and crack possession charges.

Earlier today, cops had not found the gun cops reported despite an intensive search. A police spokesman, Sgt. Lee Jones, said, "I have no information with regards to a gun being recovered." He deferred a request for information about the recovery of a gun to the Manhattan District Attorney's Office. An office spokeswoman said she could not comment prior to arraignment.