After the police officer who was at the genesis of the NYPD's ticket-fixing probe—who had his picture posted online, started receiving death threats—authorities have taken notice. According to the Daily News, Internal Affairs detective Randy Katakofsky's picture was posted on Thee Rant, a message board for current and former NYPD officers, and at least one user thought Katakofsky should kill himself. The department then asked the website to remove the photos and messages, and met with Katakofsky to ensure his safety. Currently, there's a "What Happened to the Det Katastropy Thread?" on the site.

The ire comes from some officers (including union officials) who view ticket-fixing as a professional courtesy, and the indictment of 17 police officers for ticket-fixing as hypocritical considering how many powerful New Yorkers have participated. Along with the 17 officers five other citizens, a few believed to be drug dealers, are expected to be formally charged for their crimes this week.

Taking Katakofsky's place on the site is a mug shot of the 18-year-old Evan Sapio, the son of the Daily News' senior executive news editor Bob Sapio, who turned himself in after a photograph of him at a boozy "riot" in Albany last March surfaced. Also completely unacceptable: flashing the peace sign.