Officer Chintua Alozie on a Segway; Photo - NY POstCommissioner Raymond Kelly must be a forward thinking guy, or at least a guy with a forward thinking staff, as the NYPD embarks on a 60 day trial using the Segway Human Transporter. The NY Post reports that 10 officers were put on Segways last week to deal with areas of heavy pedestrian traffic, like Midtown and Coney Island; the USPS and Atlanta police have also been testing out Segways. Gothamist thinks that police officers on Segways will be helpful only as a commanding conceptual presence of authori-tay and technology, because while it elevates them to be taller than others in the crowd, Segways are slower (top speed - 12 mph) than bikes or motorcycles and the police look kinda funny on them. As Officer Chintua Alozie tells the Post, ""You park it and go after the criminal. It has a bicycle lock if necessary." Hmm, can't wait for it to be used in an episode of Law & Order!

The Post points out that civilian Segway users can be ticketed, as Segways cannot be registered in NY State because they don't meet state safety regulations (then what about the people who do own them here in the 5 boroughs?).

Gothamist will wait for Phillip, of Book of Segway in the Pacific Northwest, to check in with his thoughts about using the Segway everyday and its potential in urban crime fighting. Until then: Gothamist's Segway coverage, including people who can (Amanda Hesser & Tad Friend) and cannot (President Bush & Gina Gershon) ride them.