In response to a recent series of hate crimes on Staten Island, the NYPD is trying to reverse the alarming trend. WCBS reports that officers are on every corner of the Port Richmond section of the borough, which has been the location of most of the attacks. The Guardian Angels supplemented the police force, and Curtis Sliwa spoke of how the violence starts. "It's simply young people packing up, posseing up, mostly on their bicycles, and then all of a sudden saying let's go hunt Mexicans. And others who may have seen it, who may be Mexicans, who won't report it to the police because they fear being deported."

According to NYPD spokesman Paul Browne, 10 Hispanic men have been targeted for robbery or assault since April. Eight people have been arrested, but only three cases have been closed. The latest victim, Fidel Gonzalez, had his jaw broken when a group of black men swung a scooter at his face. He told the Daily News they yelled, "What the f--- are you doing here, Mexican? Get the f--- out! You don't belong here."

Overall, there have been 21 bias attacks on the island this year, 11 against Latinos. Rev. Terry Troia, executive director at Project Hospitality, said locals are scared. "People are afraid to go out at night. It makes people jumpy." But Police Commissioner Ray Kelly assured the public at a press conference, "We're not going to tolerate it. We're taking proactive measures to see to it that if it does happen, we're going to make arrests very quickly."