NYPD: Officers Shot Knife-Wielding Man Setting Fire To Cars In Queens

The knife allegedly found at the scene
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The knife allegedly found at the scene NYPD

NYPD officers shot a man who had allegedly been trying to set multiple cars on fire in Queens on Sunday afternoon.

Police officials say that the man, Jarrell Davis, allegedly crashed his car into a police SUV, tried to set fire to NYPD vehicles as well as his own, and then "brandished a knife and charged at the officers," prompting two officers to fire at him.

"Two officers discharged their firearms several times and struck the subject multiple times on his torso and leg. A 12-inch kitchen knife was recovered on the scene," Chief of Patrol Rodney Harrison told reporters on Sunday afternoon.

Davis, who was taken to New York- Presbyterian Queens Hospital and is in stable condition, was charged with arson, attempted arson, multiple counts of menacing a police, reckless endangerment, and criminal possession of a weapon. According to Harrison, around 3 p.m., Davis "crashed his vehicle into a marked police SUV, which was parked and unoccupied in front of the 111 Precinct" at Northern Boulevard and 215th Street. "[He] exited his vehicle and sprayed an accelerant fluid on the marked police vehicles and then sprayed the fluid on his own vehicle. The subject then set his vehicle on fire."

Police sources tell the NY Post that Davis, who was reportedly naked from the waist down (and wearing a firefighter's vest), may have been attempting suicide-by-cop because he yelled, "I should’ve done this in Texas, they shoot better."

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