A man who police say had a gun was fatally shot by ten NYPD officers on Tuesday night in Brooklyn.

The incident happened around 9:30 p.m. after a ShotSpotter device was activated in the area of 1668 Bergen Street. Units arrived to find a 49-year-old man shot at the corner of Rochester Avenue and Bergen Street in Crown Heights.

The victim was rushed to the hospital and was listed in stable condition. The suspected shooter fled the scene, heading up the block and hiding behind a tree, according to police.

“They observed a gun in his hands. The officers gave orders for the male to drop the weapon for over a minute; that is on body camera and on witnesses’ Facebook accounts,” said NYPD Chief of Police Terence Monahan several hours after the shooting. He emphasized the shooting was unrelated to the protests against police violence that have spread throughout New York City in the past week.

Across from the shooting, witnesses in a separate video capturing the scene can be heard pleading for the man to "drop the gun" as police were prepared to shoot.

Monahan said the man refused to comply with officers, who then fired multiple rounds with their weapons. Police released a photo of a handgun at the scene; investigators are still reviewing body camera footage of the shooting.

We'll update as more information becomes available.