The police officer who shot and killed an unarmed 18-year-old in the Bronx during a botched drug sting is expected to turn himself in on manslaughter charges tomorrow. The Post reports that a grand jury has determined that Officer Richard Haste should be charged with first and second degree manslaughter in the killing of Ramarley Graham. “We expect an indictment and are waiting for it,” said Jeffrey Edmin, an attorney for the Graham family.

Police allegedly observed Graham buying drugs at a nearby store and followed him to his home nearby. Surveillance footage showed Graham being pursued by officers, and after Graham enters his home, two officers kick down the back door to gain entry. Haste found Graham in his bathroom, and according to NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, shouted "Show me your hands! Gun! Gun!" before shooting Graham once. The teenager was unarmed, did not struggle, and was dumping a small amount of marijuana into the toilet when he was killed.

Graham's grandmother, who was in the house during the shooting, disputed that Haste had shouted anything, and was allegedly held at a police precinct for over five hours following the shooting. Haste, an officer of four years who had been stripped of his gun and badge, was said to have felt "bad" about the incident. "He didn't want the kid to die," a colleague of Haste's said. "He thought he was carrying, that's why he did what he did. He had a split second to react."