An unidentified man was fatally shot by the NYPD on a Bushwick street this afternoon. Police sources say the man had lunged at officers with a knife outside 894 Hart Street, and an NYPD spokesperson tells us an official announcement is imminent. For now, anonymous police sources are telling the Post that officers were responding to a report of harassment at a Hart Street apartment building around 3 p.m. when a man "charged their police car with a knife in his hand."

Sources say the officers pulled back in their vehicle, and the man allegedly threw a bottle at the squad car. When they emerged from their vehicle, the man allegedly charged at them again with the knife. Sources tell the Daily News the man "weighed about 300 pounds" and refused officers' orders to "Drop the knife! Drop the knife!" He was reportedly shot five times in the chest.

The NYPD says one officer, who has yet to be identified, discharged his firearm. The alleged knife-wielder subsequently died at Woodhull Hospital, according to NY1. We'll update as more information becomes available.