An NYPD veteran was arrested this morning and accused of indiscriminately pepper-spraying two people without proper caues. No, not Tony Bologna (star of the new hit series The Vigilogna), but rather Officer Admir Kacamakovic, who has been on the force for seven years and assigned to the 62nd Precinct. According to the FBI, Kacamakovic, while on duty and in uniform, pepper-sprayed two patrons outside his cousin's bar in 2008 while screaming, "No one f***s with my cousin’s place!" And his deep concern for his cousin's business didn't end there, prosecutors allege.

On two separate occasions, Kacamakovic allegedly accessed the NYPD’s computer system to search a federal database about the assault victim, who had filed both a complaint against Kacamakovic with the Civilian Complaint Review Board and a civil action in New York state court. That kind of computer use is frowned upon, but it didn't stop Kacamakovic from allegedly accessing the federal database on other occasions to do his cousin a solid. At the time, his unidentified cousin was the subject of an FBI investigation for, among other crimes, narcotics trafficking.

According to the Feds, the cousin was caught in a sting wherein two undercover officers sold him actual Virginia state driver’s licenses that could be used by illegal aliens and other criminal associates. The cousin then told the undercover officers he would “let his cousin run through it," at which point Kacamakovic allegedly used the NYPD's computer system to access the federal database to search the name contained in the driver’s license. He's charged with two felony counts and two misdemeanor counts. If convicted of all counts, he faces a maximum sentence of 17 years’ imprisonment.