A police officer assigned to a Queens precinct is accused of plotting to kill two people—her estranged husband and her current boyfriend's teen daughter—according to federal prosecutors. Valerie Cincinelli, 34, is being held without bail at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.

According to the federal complaint, she suggested that a hitman "run" the teen "the fuck over, how about that."

The teen's father, and Cincinelli's boyfriend, John DiRubba, apparentlycontacted the FBI about the plot. "My heart is destroyed," DiRubba told the Daily News. "You think you’re in love with someone, but it’s not what you think. You try so hard to overlook things, but you can’t."

He also said, "I can’t even think straight now. I can’t come to terms that a mother of two, a police officer... wanted to harm my daughter." Cincinelli apparently did not like how the girl was getting in the way of her relationship with Dirubba, while Cincinelli was in the middle of divorce proceedings with her husband, Isaiah Carvalho (the pair have a son together).

The federal complaint outlines how DiRubba—referred to as a cooperating source [CS]—told Cincinelli that he knew a hitman who could carry out the murders for $7,000: "Cincinelli made a cash withdrawal of $7,000 from a TD Bank branch in Wantagh, New York and bank records confirm the cash withdrawal. Cincinelli gave $7,000 in cash to the CS to give to the hitman. The CS informed Cincinelli that the CS would convert the $7,000 cash to gold coins and pay the hitman in gold coins. Records obtained from a coin dealership in Massapequa Park, New York confirm that, later that same day, the CS purchased five ounces of gold coins for $6,935."

From the complaint:

When the CS expressed concern over the murders of John Doe and Jane Doe happening over the same weekends, Cincinelli told the CS to have the hitman kill Jane Doe over the weekend and then wait a week or month to kill John Doe. Cincinelli also told the CS that the CS should not worry because John Doe would be murdered in one location and Jane Doe would be murdered in a separate location. … Cincinelli stated that Jane Doe as in New Jersey during the week and in New York on the weekends. During the conversation, Cincinelli, using a cellular telephone, checked Jane Doe’s social media to find out where Jane Doe was located. Cincinelli further stated that, if questioned about the murders, she would have nothing to worry about because she would be at home at the time of the murders. Cincinelli also questioned the CS why the CS could not carry out the murders him/herself.

Cincinelli also allegedly claimed that Carvalho's murder, which was planned near his place of work in Holtsville, New York, "would not look suspicious because the murder would take place in 'the hood' or the ghetto... Cincinelli stated that John Doe sells fireworks and that it could look like he was killed over the money John Doe had on his person as a result of selling or fireworks."

Last Friday, May 17th, Suffolk County police, at the direction of the FBI, told Cincinelli that Carvalho had been killed, and DiRubba showed her a photograph, purportedly a text from the hitman, of Carvalho's dead body. Cincinelli then allegedly told DiRubba they needed to scrubs texts and photos from their phones.

Cincinelli, a 12-year NYPD veteran who worked at the 106th Precinct, has been suspended from the NYPD without pay. The NY Times reports, "A police official, requested anonymity to discuss a sensitive internal investigation, confirmed that the department’s Internal Affairs Bureau assisted the F.B.I., but said the department was not contacted until the last stages of the case."

Carvalho's divorce lawyer said, "He’s doing OK. He’s obviously shaken up but he’s doing OK, all things considered."

The Post points out that Black Star News had reported about Cincinelli's 2018 threats against DiRubba: "Cincinelli was accused of calling DiRubba on the phone in violation of an order of protection from Queens Family Court, and was arrested for second degree aggravated harassment and criminal contempt in the first degree, the outlet reported at the time." She allegedly said to him, "You ruined my life. You’ll see what happens to you. You better keep your mouth shut. I hope your daughter dies."

Cincinelli's father told the Post that he thinks DiRubba made the whole story up: "He just about put the words in her mouth and recorded what he wanted when he wanted... I think it will all end up boiling out in the water and coming clean. The guy is a psycho, he’s a nut."