Late Wednesday night police arrested off-duty NYPD officer Mona Duggal on charges of criminal mischief—making her the third NYPD employee to be arrested in as many days! On Monday Sergeant Besemah Rogers was arrested for allegedly punching a woman in a fight over Chinatown bus luggage space and on Tuesday a different sergeant, John Randazzo, was arrested for harassing his cop ex-girlfriend with a series of "vicious phone calls and texts."

What kind of messages was Randazzo leaving? According to the complaint, the 20-year vet texted on July 14th that “I fucking wish death upon you, but I love our children," which he allegedly followed up with, "I pray you and die on the road on his bike. You bleeding to death an laying there thinking how you messed this whole thing up."

According to prosecutors, Randazzo also threatened to sic Internal Affairs on his ex ("If you don’t pick up the phone I will send a letter to IAB," he wrote in a text, the complaint says) but it does not appear he followed through. His lawyer, meanwhile, says his client has "an impeccable record with the NYPD."

As for what happened with 28-year-old NYPD officer Duggal? According to the complaint, after fighting with a man in Inwood at about 11:30 p.m. Duggal allegedly keyed the man's car. Not helping her case? She also allegedly texted him a message saying "I HOPE LIKE YOUR CAR WITH PERMANENT STREAKS. ENJOY." She was arraigned and released of her own recognizance this morning and is due back in court in January.