This year the NYPD has had a few successes finding stolen iPhones using Apple's GPS-based "Find My iPhone" feature. So naturally the NYPD is now reportedly teaching cops to use the technology.

Apparently last month the NYPD sent out a training memo to precincts detailing how to help people whose precious, precious iPhones have been snatched. First off? "If a complainant is reporting the theft of an Apple Corp. product," cops are advised to "ascertain if they have access to Apple’s ‘cloud’ environment AND have previously activated ‘location services’ on said device." From there cops are advised to use Find My Phone to, well, find the phones (owners can remotely make the phones emit an audible alert, as well as lock or wipe them with the program).

Cops say the new tool is "helping," but there is one catch! For them to use the software, officers need to have an iPhone (or iPad) themselves. Luckily, it appears that the ubiquitous gadgets are just as popular with the men and women in blue as they are with the rest of the population. We live in the future, people!