The NYPD is continuing its awkward embrace of social media by live-tweeting two officers' shifts in the 112th precinct, which covers Forest Hills and Rego Park. The so-called "tweet-along" comes a day after the NYPD ignored our request to send a reporter on a ride-along IRL, so we'll have to settle for this carefully stage-managed account of a day in the life of two officers, Vlack and Cano.

Vlack, as everyone knows, is the hot-headed divorcee who lives on a house boat in Newtown Creek and isn't afraid to get her hands a little dirty bringing Forest Hills scumbags to justice. Cano, of course, is her by-the-book rookie partner, and his commitment to good, old-fashioned detective work sometimes pushes Vlack right over the edge. No, they're not a match made in heaven, but this is Queens, not Nirvana, and they've got a job to do. (Kidding, we know nothing about Vlack & Cano, so far at least.)

But we're only an hour into their shift and already we have a situation:

Follow along with @NYPD112Pct now for a gripping, from-the-hip thrill ride as two of New York's Finest hunt down some bad-ass perpetrators wearing stolen "missing" sunglasses. Sources say they're also thisclose to collaring a cyclist who recently blew through a stop sign in Rego Park.