America's largest municipal law enforcement agency now has a Blogspot page, and Gothamist has a new competitor. "NYPD News is the latest social media platform the NYPD is leveraging to share timely and accurate information and how the NYPD is dedicated to working collaboratively with those it serves to continue keeping New York City safe," a nameless police employee writes on

The NYPD has been writing colorful press releases and posting them to Facebook for several months. They've been to "Twitter school" and engage in "tweet-alongs," and remind New Yorkers that police officers "are working hard out there every day and saving babies.”

But "leveraging…timely and accurate information" is not the same thing as improving transparency. will probably not carry a story about the NYPD disciplining an officer accused of stealing a man's money and then pepper-spraying him. Or a story about how deliberately opaque and maddeningly slow the NYPD FOIL Unit is. Or a story about how infrequently its public information officers respond to reporters' emails.

Currently, the best part about is that it prominently displays how you can accompany police on patrol. Any New York State resident who is 18 or older can participate in a ride along, which is bound to be much more illuminating than scrolling through pictures of dogs in NYPD garb.