2006_02_horsepatrol.jpgThe NYPD's Mounted Unit will be homeless pretty soon, as the Hudson River Park Trust wants them to vacate their cushy digs. The NYPD had signed a three year lease for its temporary headquarters at Pier 63 (where they have an indoor riding track, enough room for unit training and exercises, plus the stables for the Midtown unit, according to the Post) but haven't been able to find suitable replacement space. The Trust is looking to start park renovations. Hmm, Gothamist wonders if the NYPD could lease some space from the MTA - maybe the West Side railyards?

The NYPD on their mounted patrol - there's a list of some of the horses names, like "Daily News" (the paper donates a horse every year) and "Vincent G" after a slain officer.