The mother of the man fatally shot by cops in Harlem this week, who is herself an NYPD officer, is calling for an independent investigation into her son's death.

“This has to be fully investigated by an outside source ’cause it makes no sense,'” Maria Hernandez told the Post on Thursday. “Did they even try to tase him?”

She added that her son, Victor Hernandez, was "a hard working great father of two children,” who had no prior mental health issues or drug problems. “My heart is broken. I am broken.”

The death represents at least the fifth fatal police shooting in the last month and the 10th in 2019. It's the highest annual count since 2015, when the NYPD began tracking fatal police shootings.

Police say they were responding to a harassment call when they encountered Hernandez, 29, standing naked the hallway of a Harlem apartment building. They claim he was holding a 9mm pistol in a firing stance, which surveillance footage seems to confirm. (The department has not yet released body camera footage from the incident.)

As cops charged, Hernandez allegedly fired a shot at Officer Christopher Wintermute, striking the left side of his police vest. The two then fought on the ground, and Wintermute instructed his fellow cops to shoot the suspect, according to police.

"By the time we identify where the subject is, the shots were already fired," said Deputy Chief Kevin Maloney, when asked why police didn't call Emergency Services Unit, which handles mental health issues.

"As soon as the officers come around the corner, the subject's there. He discharges his firearm within seconds," he added.

A total of 17 shots were fired, 10 of which hit Hernandez, police said. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Wintermute was taken to the hospital and released later in the day.

Hernandez has six previous arrests for domestic violence, according to law enforcement officials.

"Like all our officer-involved shootings, there will be an independent investigation,” said Deputy Chief Kevin Maloney, who leads the department's Force Investigation Division. That probe will be handled by the Manhattan District Attorney's Office.