After issuing a $12,000 reward for information related to the series of sexual assaults on women in Brooklyn and reporting that a woman was assaulted on Thursday night in Windsor Terrace, the NYPD revealed that another half dozen or so attacks would be added to the already-too-long list. WTF.

Suspect Adolfo Martinez, arrested for a Monday night Sunset Park attack where he allegedly sneaked up behind a woman leaving the subway, grabbed her butt and then ran away, reportedly told cops that he has assaulted women before. So then the NYPD took a look at some other incidents and have added seven more to the known attacks, now making 20 incidents total since March of this year. Here's a list of the attacks from the Post:

-- A 30-year-old woman groped in the station by a man in his 20s who squeezed her breast at 12:30 p.m. March 11.
-- A 25-year-old woman similarly attacked as she was leaving the subway station at 1:30 a.m. June 23, when a man grabbed her breasts.
--A 21-year-old woman attacked in the station March 25 by a man in his early 30s who walked up behind the victim and reached under her dress to grab her buttocks.
-- A 15-year-old girl walking down a flight of stairs at the subway station July 10, when a man came up behind her and grabbed her breast and buttocks.
-- A 26-year-old woman attacked about 9:45 p.m. Thursday in Windsor Terrace, where a man grabbed her crotch.
-- A 37-year-old woman attacked in the station about 11:55 p.m. May 7 , when the sicko snuck up behind her and grabbed her breasts.
-- A 30-year-old woman was targeted at 11:30 p.m. June 18 in the station by a man who lifted her skirt and squeezed her buttocks.

Residents are upset, especially female ones. One woman told the Daily News, "Oh God. It's scary. I moved into this neighborhood six months ago thinking it was safe. It's disconcerting this is going on so close to where I live." Another told WCBS 2, “I think it would have been less scary if it were one man, but since there are like six or eight or 10, it’s very like overwhelming because you don’t know who it is."