2006_09_buckphillips.JPGThe manhunt for Ralph "Bucky" Phillips, who escaped from an Erie County jail and shot three state troopers, may get some help from the NYPD. The NY Sun reports that the NYPD has been in discussion with the New York State Police to send over Emergency Service Unit officers (ESU is what the NYPD calls its SWAT unit) to aid in the manhunt.

If you've been following coverage of Phillips' escape, you'll know that he escaped the prison by using a can opener to cut a hole in the ceiling and that folks in his hometown of Cassadaga were serving "Bucky Burgers" and "Run, Bucky, Run" t-shirts. But then Phillips ambushed two state troopers who were looking for him last week, with one trooper, Joseph Longobardo dying from his wounds over the weekend. People suspect Phillips cause more violence before he's found, leading residents across upstate to worry about going out.

The NY State Police's website has information about Longobardo and a Wanted poster for Phillips - the bounty for Phillips is now $225,000.